Meet Diana


I fell in love with organizing when I first moved to Dallas, TX from Connecticut in 2016. I always kept things organized and as neat as possible but I was now living in an apartment that had little to no storage space and I need a solution ASAP to maximize space, keep things clutter free and still be aesthetically pleasing. I took one step into The Container Store and was immediately hooked! I decided to really dive into the business side of organizing and the next thing I knew, Labeled was born.


Growing up, I will always remember my this one cabinet that my mom had in the kitchen. It was overflowing with tupperware containers, lids and other miscellaneous food storage items. It was one of those cabinets that, if you need something from it, you have to get in there, grab it and shut the cabinet really fast before anything fell out of it. It was just a disaster and I always keep that in the back of my head when working with clients because something that silly can be so frustrating and doesn't need to contribute to your mood and attitude towards your day-to-day.

Over the years, I read books on professional organizing, took classes with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), watched every single episode of any professional organizing show I could! (my favorite is definitely Get Organized, who doesn’t love The Home Edit!) and am currently pursuing my MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Now, I’m ready to bring all the knowledge I’ve acquired into your home. Let me help you declutter your space with incredible systems that are both functional and stylish.